Christian Life Skills is made possible through generous contributions of time, talents, and treasures from many individuals. There is an ongoing need for additional roles and resources within the CLS ministry. The collaborative effort of those involved and their commitment to serve as good stewards of God’s provision has maintained the ministry for twenty-five years.

Below are several ways in which you may become part of our team and thereby experience the joy of investing in the needs of youth and families.

To Serve-

Skills, gifts, talent and time - If you would like to help further our mission and have a particular set of skills or gifts please contact us.

Individuals and groups are welcome to review our website and/or visit our program to determine how they might become involved. Donations of your time, skills and resources will enable CLS to continue reaching young people who benefit from: one-on-one mentoring, small group mentoring, recreational interaction, academic assistance, life skills education and discussion, and various life skills in action experiences.

Select the ways that you might become involved, then email us or call us for further information-

1. You may give an hour each year or more as a volunteer: assisting with mailings, organizing materials for upcoming sessions, cleanup from events, Preparation for events

2. You may provide us with your clearances, take an orientation as a volunteer and prepare to serve as a general volunteer during our program activities.

3. You may take our formal training, provide your clearances and become certified to work in our program.

4. If you have professional expertise, we welcome you to contact CLS to assist with many of the administrative tasks including proposal writing and other challenging tasks.

5. You are encouraged to provide a donation toward the professional publication of our materials which is a current need. Please see the donate button on the right of this page.